Popular Andrex toilet paper is cheapest when bought in bulk

I love stocking up on household essentials such as toilet paper for next year’s shopping season and buying in bulk is the perfect option. Not only does it save you a ton of money, but it also reduces waste from unnecessary packaging. A win-win for both the merchant and the customer! So if you’re in the market to be a savvy shopper, look no further than this great value bulk item from Amazon, 45 packs of Andrex Gentle Cleaning Toilet Rolls, which have just been restocked after selling out .

This handy toilet paper bulk buy has consistently topped Amazon’s Grocery Picks bestseller list with over 48,000 reviews worldwide, and customers have little to complain about, except for the fact that “it’s always out of stock” Inventory.”

Plus, it’s currently very cheap on Amazon’s spring sale day – the cheapest we’ve ever seen it, so many people will be snapping it up before it sells out.

It is always more cost effective to buy essentials such as toilet paper or cleaning products in bulk. With savings of up to 50p per roll, toilet paper is much cheaper than the same size or even smaller packs purchased elsewhere, especially in the shops.

As for the actual paper, Andrex Gentle Clean is made from 100% soft, natural fibres and is suitable for all household use. The super soft toilet paper is made from two layers of natural fibres, with 170 layers of muslin per roll, and the packaging is made from 30% recycled plastic.

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