Amazon Spring Sale Chocolate Chip Cookies

Snack lovers, a cup of tea and a few chocolate biscuits can really make your day sunny. If you like a sweet pick-me-up at 10am or 3pm every day , then I’m here to share an offer not to be missed. Amazon’s Spring Sale has reduced the price of Nestlé’s Big Biscuit Box, which contains a range of delightful chocolate biscuits.

The bulk box contains about 69 chocolate biscuits and weighs almost 1.4kg. There is already a 20% discount. That’s a lot of biscuits for your pocket money.

To make sure your snack time never gets boring, The Big Biscuit Box contains a wide variety of biscuits. There are three different KitKat flavours to choose from (Black, Orange and Original), Toffee Crisp Bars, which contain crunchy cereal and biscuits covered in caramel and milk chocolate, and finally Blue Riband wafers.

To be precise, the box contains 21 KitKat Two Finger Original bars, 16 Blue Riband bars, 14 Toffee Crunch bars, 9 KitKat Orange bars and 9 KitKat Dark bars – so there’s a lot to argue about.

This huge treasure trove of treats is also great for sharing, perfect for Easter family gatherings. You can even share it with your colleagues as an afternoon pick-me-up – you’ll be the favourite in the office!

At the discounted price, that makes this box really great value for money. They were impressed with the “selection and quality” of the chocolate bars in the box, while another customer added that it was “perfect for lunchboxes”.

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