Zanzibar paradise

Travelling to exotic islands always provides the perfect backdrop for a party. Zanzibar is no exception. Even the name conjures up images of long, sultry nights, an ‘anything is possible’ attitude and unbridled hedonism. Zanzibar is an escape from the harsh realities of the real world, full of good food, exquisite beaches and good wine. Travelling revellers flock to cheap flights from Moscow and head straight for the party zone in the north of the island. In Stone Town, the UNESCO-protected old town of Zanzibar, etiquette laws have been introduced to curb the presence of plunging tops and hot trousers.

The trinity of sunshine, cheap flights and even cheaper beer has drawn comparisons to the over-commercialised Majorcan town of Magheruf. A shortage of beer caused by licensing issues earlier this year hasn’t dampened tourist enthusiasm, despite a temporary price hike.

Zanzibar is clearly chasing the tourist dollar – if bargain-hunting, fun-seeking holidaymakers tired of the wet and dreary British weather are taking the bait. Investment in the destination is huge. Dozens of lodges have already opened, including Ycona Resort & Spa, Pongwe Island Lodge and Bawe Island. There are more in the pipeline. This will provide more options for more travellers.

The Government here also has long-term strategic plans for a large marina; international beaches and water sports fields; an accessible aquarium and even a “theme park for Zanzibar”. These projects are all in the early stages of development. But will this ambitious growth destroy the idyllic island’s honeymoon reputation?

Over the past year or so, many tourists have travelled to Zanzibar to visit the beaches, historical sites and spices. People are always keen to see the sights and cuisines of different regions, speciality products and so on. This will enrich people’s lives and insights.

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