Some of the best things to do in Cyprus

With world-famous archaeological sites, including Mium near Limassol and the King’s Tomb in Paphos, luxury seawater bathing therapy centres and spas, water sports and mountains dotted with vineyards and nature trails, Cyprus offers countless excursions in Cyprus. Celebrate your holiday. If you are experienced, you can try snorkelling or scuba diving, or even skiing in the Troodos Mountains in winter. For a trip you wish would never end, here are some of the best things to do.

Explore the landscape on foot through the mountains
Whether it’s a gentle stroll you prefer or a more challenging hike, there’s a trail for you. Trails in the Troodos Mountains region are particularly popular, including the Caledonian Trail, which starts in Platts and follows Kryos Potamas to the Caledonian Falls. Others include the Artemis Trail and the Persephone Trail. All rooms enjoy beautiful views.

Travel tip: Visit the Selladi tou Stavros trail. This is an enjoyable hike that ends at the Troodos Mountain Forest Station, where staff monitor fires in this densely forested area. Nearby is an enclosure for the European disc sheep (ovis ophion), an endangered wild sheep that is protected.

Deep dive to see shallows, caves and wrecks
Say Zenobia to any diving enthusiast and they’ll instantly know you’re talking about one of the most famous dive sites in the world, with depths of around 140 feet. Other famous sites include the wrecks of the Lady of Thetis and the Candandandice, as well as the freighters Vila K and the Ektimon. Experienced divers will also get a kick out of the Jubilee Shoal near Limassol with its caves, tunnels and steep slopes.

Travel tip: If snorkelling is more your thing then head to St George’s Island and Devil’s Head Island off the Akamas Peninsula, the Caves of Amphora and Manizin Island near Paphos, or the caves off the rugged coastline near Ayia Napa. The marine life here is spectacular.

Spot turtles and other wildlife in unspoilt natural attractions
The Cypriot countryside offers the opportunity to get back to nature. Top choices include the Akamas Peninsula to the west and the Cape Greco Nature Park, protected by the Forestry Department, to the east. Further inland, the Paphos Forest is home to dense cedar trees and winding roads that eventually lead to the peaks of the Troodos Mountains.

Travel tip: The Akamas Peninsula is a rugged, unspoilt area of woodland-covered hills, sandy coves, quirky villages and isolated beaches lapped by crystal clear waters, including Lara Beach, where endangered red sea turtles nest. Its dramatic coastline hides endless sea caves.


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