Fun things to do in Cyprus

The Cypriot landscape is dotted with vineyards and fine wineries, especially as visitors travel through the foothills to the Troodos Mountains. Some of the best, award-winning wines are made from the local Mavro and Xynisteri grape varieties. Many wineries, such as Kolios Winery and Tsangarides Winery, offer wine tasting events for travellers. KEO is a large-scale producer of wine and local beer, and visitors can tour its winery in Limassol.

Whilst here, travellers can visit the Wine Museum in Limassol and learn about how wine has been produced in Cyprus for thousands of years. It is most famous for the Kamandaria wine served at the Beregaria wedding of Richard the Lionheart and Navarre in Limassol in 1191.

Taking part in thrilling water sports, windsurfing and water skiing enthusiasts will love it. Both Ayia Napa and Protaras offer good conditions for windsurfing, while waterskiing is also popular in Ayia Napa and Larnaca. You can hire a motorboat at some of the lively beaches or try your hand at paragliding. Most family-friendly beaches offer novel water sports such as banana rides.

Ainapa and Protaras on the east coast offer the best conditions for windsurfing, especially in the afternoon when strong winds blow across the sea. Water skiing is a popular sport earlier in the day when the sea is at its calmest. Very popular with tourists!

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