The most suitable facial mask for skin care

What I’m sharing today is a healthy way to care for your skin, so that more people can maintain healthy skin and enjoy a better life!

Face masks are a treatment that many people use as a concentrated treatment to target and help with specific skin problems. Depending on the needs of your individual skin, applying a mask two to three times a week can help improve hydration, soothe the skin or unclog clogged pores.

Developing a weekly mask routine can create a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home. Take it to the next level by playing soothing music, taking a long bath, reading a book or watching one of our favourite shows – this time it’s all about the relaxation process of your whole being.

Shared below is a selection of some of the options you can choose from depending on your individual needs.
Botanical Corrective Moisturising + Calming Mask: This soothing mask is made with highly concentrated botanical extracts in a bright green colour and also contains calming dipeptides and hyaluronic acid to deeply soothe and replenish temporary skin reactivity. It cools on contact, soothes skin sensitivity and restores natural radiance and smoothness.

Moisturising B5 Mask: This weekly moisturising treatment is enhanced with a unique complex of ingredients containing the skin’s natural moisturising factors to re-establish water balance, which is essential for maintaining the skin’s metabolic function at an optimal level.

Clarifying Clay Mask: This non-drying mask combines kaolin clay and bentonite clay. It also contains botanicals and minerals that help calm the skin, as well as a blend of hydroxy acids that gently exfoliate.

Bio-Cellulose Repair Mask: Ideal for sensitive or stressed skin, this highly effective, sterile mask creates a protective barrier to help relieve discomfort. Unique fibres distribute heat-reducing water to the skin barrier for immediate relief.


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